Case Study



Hagebau is one of the largest European DIY retailer. In the online shop the company offers its German customers a comprehensive range of home improvement products. The online shop’s management looked for a transparent way to increase customer engagement, conversions and revenue through on-site marketing with personalised campaigns.

Our Solution

When displaying personalised campaigns, they must be shown at the right time, with the right content and responsive design. The visitor analysis for hagebau shows that, among others, particularly product recommendations and free shipping campaigns lead to significant revenue increases.

Product recommendation campaigns

Product recommendation campaigns
  • Product recommendations based on recently viewed items
  • Up to 15.1% additional revenue in comparison to control groups

Free shipping campaigns

Free shipping campaigns
  • Campaign displayed dependent on shopping cart value
  • Up to 12.3% additional revenue in comparison to control groups


+ 9,9 %
Conversion uplift vs. control group

+ 11,8 %
Revenue increase vs. control group

+ 4,6 %
Overall revenue

Download the hagebau case study here.

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