Meet our new Software Engineer Chetan

Chetan has joined our team in February as a Software Engineer and supports our R&D Team. And apart from this? Find it out!

What have you done before joining us?

I was doing similar jobs with other startups based in India and Denmark. I have been working in the software industry for three years, and that is what I enjoy the most.

What are your responsibilities at Akanoo?

By definition, I’m a Software Engineer. My job is to work with Data Science and produce their work into a usable software, that can be integrated with our clients’ products. Most of my time is spent on the tracking mechanism and a bit of infrastructure.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I like the fact that my work has a scientific side to it. I like to approach programming as a combination of Mathematics and Linguistics. In the grand scheme of things, a good software makes sense – it is mathematically provable and there is a beauty to it. It’s like a story book full of mysteries. Everybody likes a story book full of mysteries, right?!

And what do you usually do after work?

I love writing! I used to write poems, short stories, essays and other stuff. I also like reading, and I have recently become very much interested in Financial Economics and I have been spending my time reading and watching documentaries about it.

Which colleague would you take with you to a lonely island and why?

Bendix. I could say that is because I think he is funny, but truth be told, the primary reason is that he is the only one who I know that well in the team.

Which attraction/ part of Hamburg do you think you should definitely visit and why?

I love a nice walk at Jungfernstieg, there are a lot of things to do. Sandsman also do their walking tours, which I love. I also love Altona because it is good for a celebration but unlike St. Pauli, people there are more low-key. I’ve never been to the Hamburg Opera house (or any Opera house), but I would love to see it. I’ve heard stories about it from people, so I’m really excited about it.

Which apps could you never do without and why?

Google calendar, a browser, Whatsapp, Email, Google Maps, and now the HVV app as well.

These blogs/ websites belong to my daily reading:

I don’t have any in particular. I have been switching to paper reading and the web is used more for research leading to an irregular pattern. I use Twitter and Reddit for content discovery among the domains that I like, and I use Pocket for content collection and recommendation. It works out really well!

On the web you can find me here:

I have been trying very hard (for years), to get my own website and blog rolling. Needless to say, I have failed miserably at it. I intend to change that in coming months, and otherwise I can be found on my Twitter handle @ChetanBhasin.

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